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I&P Consulting Group

I&P Consulting Group was founded in 2006 to provide specialist services to companies expanding business overseas. Holding training sessions, we offer labour management, labour/social insurance and contract preparations. We can help internationalise your business.

Our key services include:
– Holding training sessions for personnel;
– Providing advice on labour management;
– Handling procedures for social/unemployment insurance;
– Preparing contracts and agreements.

Our services help your company’s globalisation.

Our International Services

  • Labour management in relation to recruitment and employment in Japan
  • Visa Consultation
  • Handling social/unemployment-insurance procedures
  • Preparing employment agreements and employees’ work rules and translation
  • Organising seminars about Japanese labour laws, social insurance and tax
  • Lectures which give non-Japanese employees basic knowledge about working for Japanese companies (e.g., working practices, concepts of Japanese-style business management, and leadership style in Japanese companies.)

Past Achievements

Our Group has:

  • completed labour-management consulting contracts with government organisations, financial institutions and business corporations.
  • provided new-employees’ training for non-Japanese who join Japanese companies as full-status employees explaining life in Japan and cultural differences.
  • provided technical intern training in Japanese immigration regulations, social insurance rules and labour/ tax law.
  • provided training for non-Japanese managers in working practices, basic ideas of Japanese-style business management, and leadership in Japanese companies.

Specialists Working Together

Our associate partners include lawyers, judicial and administrative scriveners, certified accountants and certified tax accountants.

Profile of Reika Mochida, Managing Director

Certified labour and social-security attorney; Managing Director of Mochida International Labour and Social-Insurance Consulting Firm and I & P, Inc. based in Tokyo, Japan.

Active in providing labour-management consultancy for various business corporations and government organisations.

In the international services area, she has given new-employee training for non-Japanese, held seminars for technical intern trainees about labour and immigration laws, and tutored EPA nurse and care-worker trainees on laws (concerning immigration, labour, social insurance and tax).

Career history

  • 2008 – 2011:Examiner for the Social Pension Plan of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Telecommunication
  • 2005 – 2008:Administrator in accounting and in general affairs for Coal Trading Company (J-Power Group)
  • 1997 – 2005:Administrator at International Manpower Development Organisation
  • 1994 – 1996:Administrator at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia

Graduated from Indonesian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

The Service of Employment Regulation

Japanese Version : 5,510 yen per each A4 size page
Japanese to English : 8,816 yen per 400 characters of original Japanese

For example

  • Establishment of employment regulation approximately 10 pages
  • Establishment of employment regulation approximately 11 pages
  • Establishment of employment regulation approximately 3 pages

Japanese version 24pages(16,963words) ×5,510yen=132,240yen
English translated pages 42pages(16,963 words)×8,816yen=370,272yen

Total fee 132,240yen +370,272=502,512yen

Consulting Fees

Consulting-contract basis:

Consulting regarding labour management (provided by e-mail and phone)

54,000 yen per month

Services-rendered basis:

Consulting regarding labour management (provided by e-mail and phone)

16,200 yen for the first hour and 8,640 yen added for every 30 minutes subsequently.

*All the above amounts include tax.


Please feel free to contact us in English for any business inquiries by e-mail to: r.mochida@kantoriandp.com

We look forward to working with you and helping lead your business to success.

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